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ID Cards & Procedures
Elementary School

  • Students at the elementary will receive lunch cards to scan at lunchtime. As we have done in the past, their classroom teachers will keep track of them throughout the year.

  • Elementary students wishing to receive an extra milk may do so either by using available funds in their accounts, or by paying with a quarter. Students with zero or negative balances will not be able to debit an extra milk from their account, however, they may still pay in person with a quarter.

Middle/High School

  • Middle and High School students will be responsible for keeping track of their own lunch ID cards, and are expected to carry them on their person to scan when they go through the lunch line.

  • In addition to a plastic id card, which students will receive after school pictures are taken, MHS students will receive an adhesive lunch label to start out the year. In the event they do not have their plastic ID card with them, students may always scan this label instead.

  • Students not carrying their lunch card with them in some form will be required to wait until all students with IDs have gone through until they may go through the line.

  • Students who have lost their issued ID cards receive one replacement label for free each school year. Each replacement after the first will cost the student $3.00. The school is unable to create replacement plastic ID cards. Students should request a replacement in the office.

  • Students are expected to patiently wait in a single-file line during lunch and show respect to the cafeteria staff at all times.

  • The MHS cafeteria does not accept cash. All meal purchases will be deducted from a student's account.

  • A la carte items on the MHS menu will debit from students' accounts just as the regular student plate does. Parents can choose to either allow or prohibit their student(s) from purchasing a la carte items. This can be done through the chalkable CAFE Parent Portal or by calling the school.

  • Students with insufficient funds or a negative balance may not purchase a la carte items. In order to purchase a la carte items, a student must have sufficient funds in his or her account prior to the meal service.

  • Families should keep track of balances by either logging into e-Funds or chalkable CAFE. Students can also ask the cashier about their balance when they go through the lunch line. Families are responsible for maintaining sufficient funds for day-to-day meal purchases.

Making Deposits

  • Each student has his or her individual lunch account that carries its own individual balance.

  • Deposits that are sent to the schools in the form of cash or check should contain a note clearly indicating what amounts are to go to each student in the household. If no designation is made, the sum of the deposit will be split evenly among all documented students in that household.

  • Deposits to meal accounts can also be made online using, e-Funds.

  • Each transaction made online using e-Funds carries a processing charge with it. The charge varies depending on the type and amount of payment.

  • Funds deposited in person through the school offices must be turned in before 9:00am in order to be available for use during that day's lunch.
    Funds deposited using e-Funds are available for use in the student's account immediately.


  • New online payment system (replacing MySchoolBucks)

  • Withdraw funds electronically from a checking account or using a credit/debit card to pay for student meals

  • Processing fees apply:

    • Flat $1.00/ transaction convenience fee for each electronic checking payment

      • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge if the payment is “bad”

    • Convenience fee of $2.65 per each $100 increment in the transaction for credit or debit payments

Negative Account Balances

  • Current student balances may reflect old debt from previous school years, as well as newly accrued debt. Payments made into lunch accounts will first be applied to existing balances, and once those are paid, deposited funds will be available for use in the cafeteria. The District will continue to collect outstanding balances by whatever means necessary.

Free and Reduced Status

  • If your family may qualify to receive free or reduced lunch benefits, pick up an application at your school's office or the district office or fill one out online through chalkable CAFE. These applications must be completed and turned in within 24 hours of being picked up in order for benefits to be processed and applied promptly.


  • If you have questions about the e-Funds program or chalkable CAFE's Parent Portal, contact Justin Georges at 309-785-7122 or 309-785-8054