Houses grades Pre-K-5
Approximate number of students: 180
Full-time teachers: 15
Part-time teachers: 2
Speech therapists: 1
Secretary: 1
Custodians: 2


Pre-Kindergarten – All day Pre-Kindergarten classes are available for qualifying 3-5 year old students residing in the district. Please call Cuba Elementary School for information regarding screening if your child was not screened in February.
Kindergarten – An all day Kindergarten program is provided and housed at Cuba Elementary. Kindergarten students follow the school calendar.
Grades K-5 – Teacher assignments will be posted prior to the start of school. Supply lists will be available at registration and will also be posted at local stores selling school supplies. The school day is 8:03 am to 3:00 pm. for bus students and 2:55 pm for those students who reside in town. Students should not arrive prior to 7:45 am.



The Pre-kindergarten is an all day program. This provides the children with all day experiences in developmentally appropriate activities that promote physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development.Our Pre-K program was awarded the Gold Circle of Quality in 2018. The kindergarten curriculum includes reading readiness and mathematics, introduction to computers, art, music, physical education, work in visual perception and motor skills, many group activities and learning centers.

The grades 1-4 curriculum includes reading and language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, computers, art, music, and physical education. Grade 5 students take math, english, reading and spelling, social studies, science/health, physical education, and chorus. Band is an elective. Students with special needs are provided the least restrictive environment possible. Title I reading and speech services are provided for students with needs in these areas. Report cards are issued every 9 weeks and on planned parent conference is scheduled in the fall; however, parents may request a conference at any time.