Senior Project Basic Information

Please be advised that some changes have been made concerning Senior Project requirements. All changes went into effect with the 2016-2017 school year.


All seniors at Cuba High School must do a community service project as a graduation requirement.  This is a policy set by the Fulton County CUSD #3 Board of Education. The following information outlines some basic rules all seniors must follow for this project:

  1. Each senior must have a mentor (cannot be a relative) to verify work.

  2. Project work cannot begin before September 1. 

  3. Simply volunteering for an organization = 30 hours of work

    Developing a physical project (i.e. building something to donate, organizing an event, etc.) = 15 hours of work

  4. Due to issues with former students, no fundraisers as projects are allowed.

  5. The project does not have to cost anything.  Getting donations for materials is encouraged.

  6. All seniors will write a 3-5 page research paper connected to their projects.

  7. Any project that does not have a community service portion will receive no higher than a B- for a final grade.

  8. All seniors must present their projects before a panel of judges consisting of a staff member and community  


  9. Projects may not be worked on during school hours while school is officially in session for that time.

  10. Any senior who has applied and has been accepted for early graduation must present his/her project before a 

    panel of judges prior to the end of first semester.

  11. All seniors will complete and hand in a portfolio in December.